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Gifts: The tools to Reflect. A Guide Towards Self-love.

God has an amazing and creative way to share gifts with us. Today, spirit did it again and gave me an abundance of gifts to start out 2016 with.  First, I was blessed to see another year (made it to... Continue Reading →

A Wombman Kind of Love

The initiation has begun. Take me to your source, the spring of all beginnings, where I fill my cup with moon light, burning away my insecurities, facing my demons and my angels, explore all the shades, valleys, dimensions of my... Continue Reading →

Thirty to 30: Countdown to my 30th Birthday

December 6, 2015 was my official 30 day countdown transitioning from my 20’s into my 30’s! I have been looking forward to my 30’s for some time now, and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure why.  However, I do know that... Continue Reading →

Journey On

Walk by Faith Walk with Grace Walk with Strength Walk with Confidence Whichever you choose, if not all, never stop walking Your journey is filled with many paths Explore Enjoy Experience Live and Love That, to me, is growth That,... Continue Reading →

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