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Fro Lovely: NUELE Product Review

For a long time I've been hesitant to blow out my hair because of the potential damage that heat can cause to my natural hair.  But after taking out my faux locs, I noticed all the new growth and I... Continue Reading →


Regrow and Strengthen Your Eyebrows & Lashes with Just One Ingredient!

Hey everyone! I've mentioned in a previous post about the wonders of using Castor oil to promote hair growth.  After facing a traumatic bald spot in 2013, I began using castor oil and the results were tremendous!  From that moment on,... Continue Reading →

Beauty Review: Skinnamon Body + Face Coffee Scrub

I really get a kick out of creating my own beauty concoctions using natural ingredients.  However, once in a blue, I like to try other people's healthy beauty products. I came across Skinnamon online and I was eager to try it out because the product... Continue Reading →

Hi HONEY, I’m Home!

What if I told you there was only one product you will ever need to guarantee healthy skin? Interested? The secret is out and believe it or not, it's simply honey! From the beginning of my natural hair journey, honey... Continue Reading →

Natural Treatment for Bald Spots – DIY 

Natural haircare can be an exciting and yet, discouraging journey.  The time and effort neo-natural women spend to become acclimated with their natural hair and implementing a healthy hair regimen takes a lot of patience.  And the last thing you... Continue Reading →

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